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Application Overview
The demonstration application includes four archives based around a fictitious National Golf Association. The main archival division is reserved for use in maintaining classification systems and other shared information. One subordinate division is used to document the National Golf Archives, and two other divisions (Midvale and Canterbury) are used to maintain the archives of affiliated clubs. The information presented to you is determined by the account you log on to. See "Log on Accounts" below.
Log on Accounts
The demonstration system has been set up with four log on accounts, each with different levels of privilege. You may log on to any account. No passwords have been assigned, so leave the password text box blank.If you are an Archive Manager user, you will be familiar with most of the concepts included in Archive Server, so you may find that logging on as owner offers an easy way to gain a quick overview of the system. On the other hand, if you have never used Archive Manager, you may find the owner's view a bit overwhelming, so you may prefer to start with one of the archivist accounts, as these offer a more typical operational view.
There are many other combinations of context and privilege available. To experminent with these, log on as owner and create some accounts of your own.
On-line Help
On-line help is available on all screens via a help button (and from the help menu). The help display is context sensitive, so you will be presented with a relevant topic when you click a help button. In addition, the help system is designed to be browsed for information, so you may like to spend time using the contents tree on the left of the help window to do some background reading. In particular, you may find it worthwhile to scan the section titled "Archival Concepts".
The evaluation system is a fully featured, version of Archive Server. However, some features have been disabled to avoid the possibility of users changing configuration options that would lock other users out. These are: